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Few brands level up to Aer when it comes to backpacks and travel gear. The San Francisco-bred band of craftsmen have adhered to big city living in the past and are aiming to do so once again for your next big trip. With its third generation of travel bags now available, Aer ensures that your next vacation will be secure and stylish.

As anyone familiar with the brand could expect, the new collection is chock-full of sleek, streamlined options, including the enhanced Travel Pack 3, ultra-versatile Flight Pack 3, highly-capable Day Sling 3 and Day Sling 3 Max, as well as the Travel Kit 2. Starting in order, the 35L Travel Pack 3 boasts a pair of added load lifters for optimized comfort and new organizational pockets to keep your gadgets and gear in order. Next, the 20L Flight Pack 3 is a 3-way carry-on backpack built to tackle all your work and travel needs, equipped with increased space and even a hidden smart tracker pocket.

Getting down to the smaller, handier options, we have two entirely new releases from Aer, the 3L Day Sling 3 and the 6L Day Sling 3 Max. The former is perfect for EDC, while the latter is built to offer a steady home for even more daily essentials, crafted with an 11″ main compartment capable of holding an iPad and even its Magic Keyboard. And while all these are important, bringing your toiletries on the go is an absolute vitality, which is where Aer’s 2.5L Travel Kit 2 comes into play with its antimicrobial coating to shed any odors.

Another noteworthy element of this announcement is the brand’s first use of bluesign-certified fabric, with the line being constructed of bluesign-approved 1680D CORDURA ballistic nylon. This assists in shedding a harsh environmental impact, going to show that the brand’s sense of eco-cognizance is as beneficial as its products. You can get your hands on Aer’s 2022 Travel Collection now at the brand’s website, starting from $49.

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