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Have patience, ask about rules, consider possibility of illness, extra costs

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So we all know that traveling anywhere, especially with children, is never easy.

And traveling during a pandemic, with or without children, can be downright confusing. Here are the four things I’ve found helpful to keep in mind as you determine where and when to travel.


First of all patience is important. A lot of places are short-staffed. The airport/airlines, restaurants, etc. are dealing with smaller staff so you can expect everything you do to take a little bit longer so plan accordingly.

Have a flight to catch? I would arrive earlier than you normally would just to be safe. And remember there’s a chance you’ll need certain documentation wherever you’re going especially if you’re traveling internationally. Vaccine cards, negative tests and masks are additional items you’ll need to have handy. They’re as important as your ID and passport these days.

Ask about rules

Secondly, the rules for fighting the pandemic are different everywhere so just ask, especially if you’re leaving the country. Some places are mask free, some are mask mandatory. Some places, even here in the states, want you to quarantine for a certain period of time when you arrive from a certain state. Take that into consideration when you’re planning your trip. Where am I going and what rules do they have there so you’re not surprised when you do arrive? Having to quarantine for days when you arrive somewhere when you already only have a limited time for your trip can really change the fun of your vacation. Plan accordingly, especially in places where testing might be harder to come by.


What if someone gets sick

Next, and I hate to even mention this, but you have to know what you’ll do if you or someone you’re traveling with gets sick. This is especially important for international travel. With testing required for re-entry in some cases, what happens if you test positive just before you head back home? What if you need medical attention? Do you have insurance that will cover you where you are? This might even be worth a call ahead of time to your insurance company. Not to mention, are you able to stay where you are for an additional five, ten or even 14 days? You’ll want to check to see if the hotel is booked solid after your check out date.

Consider the extra cost

Finally, you should consider how much money all of the above could cost you in different scenarios. What is the cost to get tested where you are going. This more so applies internationally or if insurance won’t cover it. How much more will you have to spend at a hotel if you’re forced to quarantine there for an additional period of time. Medical care is a huge thing to consider when planning your vacation. If you need medical attention where you’re going, will your insurance company cover you just like they would in the USA?


These are just my top four things I’ve experienced during vacations over the past two years. It’s not all a nightmare but just things to keep in mind during this strange time in the world.

If any of this is too much, I’ve found a nice staycation is great, too. In fact, some of my best vacations have been right here at home, taking time away from work and my social life and just enjoying my home and things around me.

What are some of the things you’ve experienced traveling during a pandemic? I’d love to hear them! Just shoot me an email or DM on social media. Stay safe and healthy!

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